It all started when I was on vacation in Indonesia and noticed how prevalent “working girls” were. What stuck with me even more though, was how young many of the girls looked. I didn’t’ realise at the time, but it later became apparent that it was something utterly sinister – I had witnessed the crimes of young children being trafficked, and it broke my heart.

When looking into ways to help the cause, I entered volunteering work in the field. Seeing the victims and hearing their stories broke my heart even more. I quickly realised that not everyone is cut-out to be at the front-lines saving children (myself included), but everyone can support those who are, by creating social awareness and provide financial support to aid their work.

Finding a partner organisation was also not an easy task, as there are so many organisations doing good work out there, so I had to choose one whose values and vision aligned closely with mine. Compassion First, a non-profit organization that not only runs rescue missions, but also provide a holistic approach to ensure victims are cared for, loved, and nurtured with further education and skills to re-integrate back into society. Hearing and witnessing their success stories (link here) really encouraged me and moved me to try and support their cause, with the help of the Lacess community.

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The name “Lacess” represents how we are all tied together in this community. We also hope to take on the strength of a lioness, to battle against the injustice today.

The five dots were inspired by children activity books - “connecting the dots”. The meaning behind it is consistent – to connect our community together and giving back to those in need.